Customizable Gift Box
Customizable Gift Box
Customizable Gift Box
Customizable Gift Box

Customizable Gift Box

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Birthday Box:

We all have one friend that makes their birthday THE birthday of the year, every year. Give them something thoughtful with the BIRTHDAY that's both celebratory and chic.
Every birthday girl needs something that lasts well after the candles are blown out, so gift her something that shows you celebrate her life even more than she does.

Pamper Box:

Send them self-care for any season with the PAMPER BOX. This box wants you to cancel your plans, unwind, and indulge.

Everyday Cheer Box:

Zoom happy hours are the next big thing, and this perfectly curated gift has delicious treats to enjoy, and a candle to set the mood.

Housewarming Box:

For that person that always makes you feel welcome in their home, the HOUSEWARMING is a great gesture that will make any night at home a memorable moment. This BOXFOX is filled with decorative and distinctive items that make will make any home feel festive, fragrant, and fabulous. 

Bridesmaid Box:

What woman gives another woman a trip to Paris? Ask your future bridesmaids with a Bridemaids box instead. This thoughtful BRIDESMAID box is a guaranteed "Yes" on so many levels. Plus, it's just a cute and small as a new puppy.


We can do a custom box for any occasion! 
Simply give us a call and tell what you’re looking for 


**Products shown are samples only, based on store availability